You can place this shortcut somewhere hidden, in your Documents or Downloads folder. Then right-click on this shortcut and select Properties. In the field Shortcut Key, you can set your shortcut. I personally like setting my screenshot tool to “Win Key + Shift + S” but you could certainly go with something as easy as F7. You can use the drawing panel to mark something on your screenshot or make it more vivid.

  • Microsoft released Windows 10 in July 2015 as a follow-up to Windows 8.
  • Perhaps most important, it supported 32-bit applications, which meant that applications written specifically for this operating system would run much faster.
  • Keep in mind that this program is designed more explicitly for gaming purposes, so it may not be exactly what you’re looking for if you’d prefer a more universal screen capture software.
  • While developers still like to use Java Development Kit , it’s not the same thing as the Java Runtime Environment , which is what you need to uninstall.

New Feature Ability to control the input devices from the docking menu. The Audio Mixer at the bottom of the screen will show you how loud your audio sources are. You can also find your capture by opening the Game Bar and clicking “Show all captures.” The Windows Game Bar comes pre-installed on all PCs, and can be opened by pressing the Windows Key + G.

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Pro users will have a more full-featured video editor. Filmora Scrnis a trustworthy video recording software that is especially loved by gamers. It lets you to capture fast-paced scenes while simultaneously recording a webcam video. It also has a basic video editor that allows you to improve the look of the video and tutorial features, which can help direct attention to the main items on the screen.

But, this method of monitoring activities can be extended further to achieve other tasks. You can set the default folder for screenshots to Dropbox or Google Drive and access them from any device. This alone makes it an effective tool for remotely monitoring PC. So, let us know down in the comments how effectively will you use it.

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In MiniTool Screen Recorder window, you can click the down-arrow icon to select the region you want to record. You can use its Screen Record module to record screen and audio for free on Windows 10 computer with ease. This post introduces 5 ways to allow you to record screen and audio simultaneously on Windows 10. You may need a third-party app for more professional editing. To start capturing with OSB Studio, you must specify a Video source.

How do I take a screenshot of my laptop and save it?

WSL 1 was based on Microsoft’s Linux-compatible kernel interface, a compatibility translation layer with no Linux kernel code. Make sure that you have a version of Java 8 installed and that yourJAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the JDK’s folder. Select one or more system images for the Android versions you want to emulate, and select Next. Using a USB cable, plug your phone into your more tips here computer.