September 2022
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I offer comprehensive and individualized advice for resolving your questions about immigration and citizenship and to guide you through the application procedures.

I am happy to accept calls free of charge and to answer general questions by email. If, however, you prefer an initial consulting session tailored to your actual situation, then please fill out the detailed online questionnaire on our website. Soon after, we will schedule a consultation by telephone / Skype / Whats up call or via email which it will be clear how and whether your immigration might succeed.

I ask for your understanding that I will have to charge for this service, since I will be evaluating, analyzing, and communicating about your actual situation (I will clarify anything that remains unclear and explain to you what steps are needed to obtain your desired visa, how long it will take, and how much it will cost). This fee will be credited to you if you decide to hire me to apply for immigration on your behalf.

It is my goal to handle your immigration needs with the highest degree of professionalism, effectiveness, integrity, confidentiality, and dedication. Please be aware that I treat the information and documents you give me with the utmost confidentiality, as required by law.

It is essential for me to offer you outstanding specialist knowledge, full assistance, and transparent communication and to jointly establish a partnership with you that will result in your successful immigration.

Be assured that your satisfaction with my services and your success are the basis of my motivation. That’s why I can register such extraordinarily high success rates.

If you decided for our cooperation – providing full services in obtaining your visa, I will prepare Retainer Agreement that will govern the details of our mutual obligations. This will ensure that client knows ahead of time in writing what responsibilities s/he has, including all costs.

After that, I will accompany you from start to finish and lead you through all the necessary steps and, if necessary, prepare you for an interview. I will ultimately prepare the full application and add legal statements of reasons that will lay out in legal terms why you should receive the visa you are applying for. Finally, I will monitor the procedures and communicate directly with the responsible immigration authorities. During this phase, I will keep you permanently up to date about further developments.

I usually charge a flat fee for this service so that you won’t have to deal with any additional costs.

I look forward to a successful cooperation with you!