All you have to do is click on the “Print” or “PtrScr” key, and you’ll see a crosshair that you can use to capture a screenshot. If you want to capture a portion of your screen, press “Shift + Command + 4”. From here, click and drag the pointer to select the area that you want to screenshot. However, this method doesn’t give you any control over what you take a screenshot of, so you’ll probably be happier using Windows’ built-inSnipping Tool.

  • Here, you will see four different screenshot modes to choose from.
  • You’ll measure the width first which is the space from the inside of one side of the jam to the other.
  • Using the Keys on the Keyboard to take a ScreenshotUsing the Print Screen key is the simplest, most straightforward, and most well-known method of taking a screenshot on a Windows computer.

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Further, you can paste the same into any graphics editing software and save it. Press the print screen button, written as “Prt Sc” next to the delete button above the backspace, and then go into an image editing software and paste. If you click the record button it will start creating the video. When you are done, simply click the stop button to end the recording. The saved screen recording can be found in the “Captures” folder inside of the “Videos” folder. Once you have become comfortable with taking screenshots after you open screen snipping then you need to paste it into an image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.

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Take 3 Window Measurements

When measuring the window height, it is recommended to subtract 2 centimeters from the distance from the base of the window opening to the upper exterior soffit. This is the required distance at the top of the door for the installation foam. Remember that the opening can be skewed, especially if it is noticeable in panel houses, so you need to increase the size of the structure by the size of the skew. After you determine the window’s dimensions, you should compare them to the internal measurements of the opening. This will allow you to find mechanical errors in your earlier calculations and then estimate what plaster should be used to apply to the interior soffits.

If you’d like to crop the image, you can use the touch screen tool to edit the image. You can also use the pen to crop a screenshot using the pre-defined aspect ratio. If you don’t want to crop the screenshot, you can use a third-party screen capture app. If you need advanced features, you can use third-party screen capture utilities. But before you download them, be sure to check the compatibility of your laptop with the screenshot tool before using it.

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Widen your field of view to show more of a landscape or fit large, distant objects into the frame, such as the mansion in the example above. This is one of the best ways of conveying the scale of a landscape or object, but don’t go too far with it. You’ll get a fish-eye effect if you overuse it, making your image look warped and unnatural (unless that’s what you’re going for).